At Origami Kaikan, you can enjoy the world of Japanese handmade paper called washi, including ceremonial folds called “origata” which originated in the Muromachi period among samurai families, origami for the purpose of enjoyment which became popular in the Meiji period and chigiri-e and washi crafts made of colorful washi called chiyogami.
Chigiri-e is a Japanese art form wherein traditional Japanese paper called washi is torn and pasted together to create colorful images that often resemble water color paintings.
Origami Kaikan started as “Kobayashi Dyed Paper Shop” that was established in 1858.
During the educational reform of the Meiji period, Ministry of Education adopted origami as a part of infant educational curriculum. “Kobayashi Dyed Paper Shop” started taking orders to make colorful square sheets of paper.
This is how origami became a product for the first time in the world.