Koishikawa Korakuen Gardens is a very familiar place to Tokyo citizens as “a great garden related to Mito-komon.” The garden’s construction was originally started by Yorifusa who founded Mito branch of Tokugawa clan in the beginning of the Edo period and completed under the rule of Mitsukuni, the second domain lord. This is made to be a Kaiyu-style (circuit style) with ponds and manmade hills centering on the pond. The garden is designated as the Special place of Scenic Beauty and Special Historic Site of the country by the Cultural Assets Preservation Act.
There are many flowers and blossoms bloom in their season. Plum, camellia, cherry and iris bloom in spring. Lotus, hydrangea and Japanese iris are in their best time to see in the summer. Cluster amaryllis blooms fully in the autumn, and maple and Japanese wax tree colors turn red.