Kanda Matsuya is a soba restaurant opened in 1884.
This restaurant is known for a Japanese great writer Ikenami Shotaro often visited. He introduced Kanda Matsuya in his food essays.
The secret of the delicious soba is finely selected ingredients.
They mix soba (buck wheat) from different places such as Hitachi-Aki-Soba from Sakaimachi, Ibaraki, and Kirishita from Uryu, Hokkaido and Myoko-shi, Nagano. Those selected soba is ground with mil stone, which is called “Hikigurumi.” It leaves particular scent and flavor of soba and rich feel in mouth. Another feature is the soup for soba that have been handed down from generation to generation. It has strong flavor of stock and salty taste. You can enjoy chewy but good feeling of the soba down your throat.